Super Easy Chocolate Cream Cookies

Chocolate Cream Cookies
  • 450g Chocolate Spread
  • 1 Eggs
  • 2 Cups Plain Flour
Cooking Directions
  1. - Pre heat oven at 160 degrees
  2. - Mix everything together forming a dough (leave 1\4 of the chocolate spread for after the cookies are done)
  3. - If consistency of dough is too stiff, add water by the teaspoon until it has a firm consistency
  4. - Make them into same size balls and place on a sheet lined backing tray
  5. - Dent the middle with your forefinger to create a well
  6. - Bake for ten minutes or slightly more depending on your oven
  7. - Let them cool and fill the dent with the remaining cream chocolate spread

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