What to do with Left Over Baked Potatoes!

Quick and easy to make and very tasty and satisfying on a nice rainy day. This recipe also helps you to go through your good left overs in your fridge and today it was baked potatoes. So one plate that is popular in Spain is the Spanish frittata or omelette and it is a normal omelette but potatoes are generally the main ingredient equivalent to the eggs. You can mash the potatoes, or dice them but having left over baked potatoes is very flavourful as they were already grilled up in the oven the day before and that adds to the tastiness of this frittata!

Basically, all you will need is your left over potatoes or just new pealed potatoes. A good tip is to boil them a bit first and also leave the skin on as it is packed with nutrients, the skin always does and same applies to fruit and veggies. Eggs depending on the amount of people you are feeding, turmeric and paprika, salt and pepper, a splash of milk, chopped tomatoes and grapeseed oil for frying. Never use olive oil for frying or sautéing something as olive oil looses it's good components when heated as for grapeseed oil doesn't, so take olive oil raw with salads for example. Mix all together and fry.

To accompany it you can do a nice leafy green salad, what ever you like from rucola to spinach and lettuce and in this case cherry tomatoes and walnuts were added for extra sweetness and crunch.

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