Summer Dinners

Something which I simply enjoy about summer is the moments on the roof having dinner and chatting with family almost every single evening. But it is just amazing. We prepare some good food, the guys have a beer, the girls go for the homemade iced tea and we call it a night. Today's menu was artichoke salad with some tzaziki (a Greek dip), egg salad, herbed butter beans, olives (the good bitter stuff), bread bake (of which recipe has been already given: and most importantly Maltese bread. Relatively healthy apart from the bread but if you learn to control your bread portion, you'd be fine (however nobody can resist Maltese bread!).

Anyway, things that are easy to make and fast to prepare having the simplest and most common of ingredients in you fridge and cupboard.

Then we had to just add the most nutritious part of it all ... donuts for dessert !!!

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